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Facebook Buys Vidpresso’s Team and Tech to Make Video Interactive
Across Silicon Valley, Cities May Tax Big Tech to Help Struggling Renters
Samsung's New Mesh Routers Use Plume's WiFi Optimization Tech
African Tech Leaders Fope Adelowo, Ken Njoroge, Tayo Oviosu to Speak at Disrupt SF
Can Technology Make You a Better Footballer?
The Techies Turning Kenya into a Silicon Savannah
Cheap Cellphone Plans, Spying Uber Drivers and  More: Tech Q&A
Kosher Co-working Spaces Aim to Integrate Ultra-orthodox into High-tech Sector
Even Many Tech-savvy People not Using Two-factor Authentication, Finds University
Tech Vs. The Consumer: The Market’s Top Two Groups this Year are Neck and Neck
JPMorgan Chase Revamps Entry-level Tech Program in Race for Talent
Google's Data Privacy Concerns are a Surprising Boon for Ad-tech Firm Trade Desk
The Academy Teams up with the Linux Foundation for Open Source Tech
Hate Speech Crackdown Spreads to Behind-the-scenes Tech
China Promoting own Technical Standards to Aid Nuclear Push Overseas
Mollie Tibbetts' Dad Pleads to Tech Companies to Help Him Find his Daughter
Patreon Makes a Move as Tech Giants Encroach on its Territory
Why Emerging Technology Needs to Retain a Human Element
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