Twitter stories

Some Twitter Users Embrace Longer Tweets; Some Stay Terse
Alt-right Twitter Rival May Lose its Web Domain
Google Cooperating with Russia Probe After Twitter Slammed
Twitter is the Latest Tech Giant Losing its Security Chief
Twitter Revamps 140-character Limit for Replies
Snapchat Outage Prompts Complaints on Twitter
Twitter Brings Night Mode to Desktop
After Zuckerberg Hearings, Congress Broadens Focus to Google, Twitter
Twitter Might Wreck Third-party Apps in June
Twitter Starts Putting Abusers in “time Out”
PornHub, Twitter Ban 'Deepfake' AI-Modified Porn
Twitter Claims its Anti-abuse Measures are Helping, though Many Still Disagree
Twitter Broadens its Campaign Against Hate and Abuse
Twitter Redesigns Replies so Usernames Don't Count Against the 140-character Limit
Twitter Safety Update: Safe Search, Hiding Abusive Tweets and More
Feds Secretly Forced Twitter to Disclose a User's Identity
Twitter Tests Lightweight Mobile App for Countries with Slow Data
Twitter Just Admitted that its 'Bold New Experience' to Revive Growth Hasn't Worked
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