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YouTube Promises to Increase Content Moderation Staff to Over 10K in 2018
10000 Google Staff Set to Weed Out Extremist Content on YouTube
OK Google, Why is YouTube Still Such a Cesspool for Kids?
WhatsApp Now Lets Users Play YouTube Videos Without Leaving Chats
Seven Steps for Parents to Make YouTube Slightly Safer for their Kids
YouTube's Creepy Kid Problem was Worse than We Thought
YouTube Faces an Existential Threat as it Moderates its Worst Videos
YouTube's Battery Drain Problem on iOS Devices is Now Fixed
New YouTube App Update will Finally Stop Killing your iPhone Battery
YouTube App Update Promises Fix for iOS 11 Battery Drain Bugs
YouTube TV Gets Picture-in-picture Support
YouTube Flags Age-restricted Videos Before Reaching the Kids App
YouTube Kids Implements New Policy to Flag Inappropriate Videos Targeted at Children
YouTube is Now Taking Further Measures to Moderate Content on its Kids App
YouTube Says it will Crack Down on Bizarre Videos Targeting Children
Google and YouTube Spread False Claims Texas Shooting Suspect Had Leftwing Ties
YouTube TV App Rolls Out to Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs, and More
YouTube TV is Rolling Out on Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and More
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