Is Facebook changing the entire college experience?


Facebook Logo and Mark Zuckerberg

There is little doubt that Facebook has emerged as a dominant form of communication for college-age people. For many, it’s easier to contact them through Facebook than by calling their phone. Is it changing the way that college itself is working as well?

That’s the question that Online PhD asked and attempts to answer in the infographic below. As Facebook continues to expand internally and in userbase, there’s bound to be more apps, groups, and pages created that are geared towards changing the user experience at college (and everywhere else, it seems). Click to enlarge.

Facebook University
Created by: Online PhD

  1.  How does Facebook enrich our college life, i am a little bit confused about this point. It should depend on our choices.

    1. That is what the entire infographic was about. I’m going to guess that you fall into the category of “less engaged”

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