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Meteroic: Download music and movies to your iOS device


Apple’s iOS, for all its benefits, is notoriously closed. Particularly annoying about this is that you have no access to the OS’s file structure, which means you cannot download music or video clips from across the web.

Thankfully a new iPhone and iPad app called Meteoric looks to fix that.


Though on the surface Meteoric is a download manager, it actually works by providing the user with a browser.

As you browse through sites, links to media content – images, music, video, or any other format that works natively on iOS – can be downloaded simply by long-pressing the link. Upon doing so, you then get a download manager, that according to the makers of the app, provides a download accelerator. It certainly seemed fast to us.


The app works as advertised. Sure enough, you can download tracks and images, and it works well. Unfortunately, the tracks don’t get added to your iTunes library, which hampers the usefulness a bit, but that’s a problem with iOS and its restrictions, not the app.

In terms of additional features, the app also works with both Dropbox, allowing you upload files to your account, and also Airplay, which will let you stream files to your Apple TV. Additionally, the browser all syncs with Firefox, making it one of the few ways to get your Firefox bookmarks and your iOS device to sync.

While there may be some worry that this program could be used to illicitly download material, we found it especially helpful for using the iPad to surf for new music. Often, sites provide a flash streamer and a download link, which leaves iPad users out in the cold. This app seemed to help that.

The interface could use a bit of work. There seems to be a bit too much jumping back and forth between the browser, download manager and media player. It would be better if it were all more seamless integrated. Additionally, button presses where swipes would make more sense suggest that a few more tweaks are necessary.

That said, Meteoric is a great addition for any iOS owner for two reasons: it does exactly what it promises; and it adds a feature to your iPhone or iPad that is otherwise missing. If you find yourself hunting for images, free MP3s or video clips a lot online, Meteoric is sure to be a good fit.

The app will be launched in the App Store soon…. (Tentative date is June 30th).

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Navneet Alang is a technology-culture writer based in Toronto. You can find him on Twitter at @navalang

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