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So, what is it about teens nowadays and their not-so-magnificent driving? There are a lot of contributing factors that can make up a sucky teen driver. Teenage drivers cause more car accidents, with an annual 1/5 accidents caused by 16 to 19 year olds.

In the first six months of having their driver’s license, teens have the highest chance of having a fatal crash. But once again, why is this? A must have with teenagers is definitely the newest cell phone available, which the usage of can double the likelihood of an accident. Don’t think your teen is using their phone while driving? Think again. Out of the 75% of teens that own a cellphone, more than half of those have admitted to talking on them while driving. Talking on a cellphone isn’t the only concern, however. With the texting frenzy that we are experiencing today, 48% of teens say they have been in a car when the driver was texting. And also, 1/3 of 16 to 17 year olds have texted while driving.

With the statistics of cellphone usage so high, you can’t forget about the other distractions that can cause your teen to be a less-than-desirable driver. Other distractions include grooming, using the radio, and even drugs. These distractions can lead to other issues, like speeding and tickets. So, once your teen gets out there on the open road, it’s best to educate them with the facts. Distracted driving is unsafe driving.

However, educating your teens might not be enough. If you have ever wondered where your teenage son or daughter takes the car on the weekends, wonder no more. It may sound a little James Bondish, but you can install tracking devices to keep track of your loved ones whereabouts. It’s obvious that teen drivers are uninformed and easily distracted, so keep track of them and make sure they are safe with a tracking device.
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Teen Tracker by GoTrack, Inc

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