Pink Floyd... in 8 Glorious Bits

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Some geeks love the retro-tech aesthetic, while others find it sacrilege to take the treasured music of their youth and turn into bleeps and blips.

Well, if you’ve never heard of it before, now’s your time to judege, as someone named ‘rainwarrior’ has created an 8-bit cover of Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

It’s a discombobulating experience, but if you too grew up playing Nintendo, Sega Master System – maybe even Turbografx 16 – you might find the use of their sounds strangely pleasing.

You can download a full set of MP3s or find links to all the tracks on YouTube at Rainwarriors site.

[Source: Waxy]

Written by Navneet Alang

Navneet Alang is a technology-culture writer based in Toronto. You can find him on Twitter at @navalang

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