Capcom Kills for a Good Cause (Honest!)

This one’s for all the gamers. Well, some of the gamers, anyway – I’m kind of big on Space Invaders, so this doesn’t really apply to me. But I digress. Now’s your chance to help save the world!

…For real!

In anticipation of Capcom’s upcoming epic Lost Planet 2, Capcom Unity is sponsoring ‘Kill Big for Charity’, a promise that if, by May 5th, at least one million demos of Lost Planet 2 are downloaded for Xbox360/Playstation 3, Capcom will put up $25000 to be donated to charity.

But there’s a catch.

On May 6th, Capcom is also hosting a launch tournament for the game, and the winning team gets to decide which charity the money goes to. How rad is that? I’ll tell you: really rad.

If you’re a Lost Planet fan and want to get the jump on gaming for a good cause (and possibly even score an early download of the demo!), clickity click here for more details than you can shake a really big gun at.

[Via Capcom Unity]

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