Japanese Designer Nendo Combines Traditional With Awesomesauce

The only galleries or exhibits I’ve ever attended have been mostly made up of large scale displays and traditional art. When I came across these unique pieces by Japanese designer, Nendo, I was instantly intrigued by them.

Pictured above are some of the simplest, but most interesting paperweights that I’ve ever come across. Representing a period, comma and a quote, these weights were made with Takada Seisukajuo – a firm in Japan which specializes in aluminum casting. These pieces are made to represent forms of punctuation and can be used to separate work into different categories: the period for completed work, the comma for work still in progress and the quotation mark is meant to be used to keep messages under.

These ‘Dress up’ vases are another example of the creative and complex mind behind them. Made with the help of Ceramic Japan, these are made to represent family: a man, woman and child. Each vase is designed with a collar and the finish on the pieces is similar to a cloth feel.

Peel mugs. They get their name because of a small section on the rim that has been “peeled” back. That allows the string from a teabag to release itself from the inside of the mug. Each comes with it’s own spoon and the mugs are designed to be easily stacked and stored. Not to mention that they’re sleek and come in many different colors. I think I would be a happy camper if I owned even just one of these exceptional pieces by Nendo.

Nendo will be having a private exhibit at the Milan Design Week 2010 at Galleria Antonia Jannone.

[Source: DesignBoom]

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