Eye-contact problem solved while video chatting using Iris2Iris.

Built in webcams have created a way to communicate with others while in the comfort of your own home while Skype has basically found a way to eliminate the costly long distance phone call.

But, are we really having an intimate video chat with the person on the other end or does staring at the persons forehead take something away from it? You have a choice. Do you look directly into the webcam to give the illusion that you want to make eye contact or do you look at your monitor so you can see the other person?

Coming out of The Netherlands, is a new product that solves all eye-contact video chatting problems. Iris2Iris acts like a teleprompter and allows you to have eye to eye contact and avoid the forehead to forehead contact.

How important is eye-contact?

According to Helium.com, only 10% of communication comes from what people actually say, 30% comes from the tone of your voice and 60% is body language. They state five reasons why eye contact is one of the most important parts of communication.

1. Eye contact indicates that you are listening.
2. Eye contact builds repoire.
3. Eye contact indicates that you both like each other.
4. Eye contact indicates that the two of you respect each other.
5. Eye contact indicates that both of you are trustworthy.

As technology grows so does its use in the world of business. Job interviews are starting to be conducted online and with the Iris2Iris technology, you can sure impress your potential employer with constant eye-contact.

Source: Iris2Iris

Written by Jay Perry

Photographer and video game junkie from Canada. Follow me on twitter @jayperryMVM

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  • We won’t be seeing that level of eye contact until cameras can be integrated behind the display. I’m expecting some neat advancements soon.