Fly The Friendly Sky-Desk

Do you like your desk? If you’re lucky enough to work at home, and I’m fortunate enough to be one of these lucky people right now, you probably had big plans for creating the ultimate workspace. If, like me, you’re also a massive procrastinator, you’re probably just sitting at a plank of wood resting on two large crates.

Some have higher hopes for their desk. Like 10,000ft high. The Clipper CS-1 is the ultimate in pilot geek chic, designed originally for CAD operators, the idea is for total immersion and zero distraction.

While it may look a little claustrophobic, in the event of an emergency the exits are located at the front, center and rear. The unit can be completely closed off, which would be pretty sweet for flight sim enthusiasts.

Otherwise, this is just a compact, unique and seriously cool place to get some work done. The unit unfortunately does not come equipped with your very own stewardess.

Source: BitRebels

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