Gawker Vs. Apple Gets Personal

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has always had a penchant for replying to questions and accusations over his very public email address, but yesterday he went one step further, verbally sparring with a Gawker writer on topics such as freedom, Flash and pornography.

Ryan Tate was angered by an Apple TV commercial that referred to the iPad as “revolutionary”, and immediately penned an email to Jobs. It’s not surprising that Jobs answered, but the debate continued over several emails.

Tate is clearly writing out of frustration or anger, but Jobs remains cool and calm, calling Tate on misinformation and biased views. To his credit, Tate admits he regrets a few of his arguments, particularly the idea that his family supports his porn browsing needs.

Ultimately, the discussion ends when Jobs turns the tables, asking Tate if he has ever created anything great or merely criticizes the work and motivation of others.

Plenty of people are angry at Apple and Jobs’ approach to controlling it’s platform, but you have to hand it to Jobs. He has a set of values regarding his products and company, and will vehemently and publicly defend them. The success of Apple’s products has provided them a platform, at least they have proved beyond a doubt that they are motivated by more than just money.

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