Your TV Remote Can Just Stay Lost


With all the ballyhoo Google’s brought over Google TV in the last 36 hours, it would seem that people are about to get excited over television again. With that, I guess it’s only fitting I show you some totally cool TV tech.

What you’re watching is a demo of Skål. Skål (pronounced ‘skål’) is an interaction design for television that relies on RFID to tie physical objects to digital media on your computer or, in the case of Google TV, your TV. Just slap an RFID chip onto a small object, link it to the chosen media, and place it in the bowl to instantly experience the content. Sexy.

Frankly, a system like this totally beats a TV remote. Imagine not having to root around the ass-groove in your couch for that anymore. Except I guess now you’ll be rooting around there anyway for toys.

Still, between this and The Goog Tube, TV just got interesting again.

[Via Design Boom]

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