Lists For The Masses By The Masses

Lists are everywhere on the Internet and everyone seems to have an opinion about how the items are ranked therein or just all out disagree with the choices. Thankfully, Listiki has come up with a way for everyone to be happy while allowing everyone’s opinion to be addressed.

Listiki is a new site just fresh into its beta stage. It offers users a place to make a list and have the option to post it on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. What Listiki excels at is giving everyone an opinion without having to worry about getting into a virtual fistfight in the comments section. This is achieved by the ability to change an existing list into one that is completely your own. Don’t like the ranking? Change it up. Don’t think an item should even be there? Throw it away. The original posters list is untouched, but people now have an alternate to look at and disagree with. The website will even average these similar lists together to give one definitive list if users are inclined to look for it.

Overall, it looks to be a pretty cool idea. I know I have spent my fair share of time just browsing lists lazily over the span of many different websites, maybe this one will finally prove to be the one to use.


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