Sony Revolutionizes Tweeting – For Cats

Have you ever wished your pet could talk? What deep, philosophical thoughts would they express, how they would proclaim their deep and undying love for you and everything you are? Turns out they might just tell you that their food tastes good.

Sony Computer Science Labs has demonstrated a system which they call ‘lifelogging for cats’, and sadly, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Kitty wears a device around its neck that picks up information about what the cat is doing, and sends the information to Twitter.

If Fluffy is eating, walking or sleeping, this thing knows about it, and sends one of eleven pre-programmed phrases. While Fluffy is eating, you can expect to read such insightful musings as ‘this tastes good’. The device is even smart enough to know if Fluffy has been walking around for a while, in which case his tweet will more accurately read as ‘meals taste better after a walk’.

This technology seems set to achieve only two things, embedding the term ‘lifelogging’ in people’s brains as “the next cool thing” and earning you a trip to the emergency room for lacerations from trying to fit the thing around your cat’s neck.

As a fringe benefit, Sony’s scientists are definitely gaining some insight into animal behavior. The device can be worn like a collar, but clearly other means of attachment were attempted.

“If it is attached in the same position as a collar, most cats do not refuse, When it is attached to other parts such as a back, cats will refuse it and take it off.”

Ah, the wonder of science.

Source: TechOn

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