iPhone 4 Problem: The Reality Distortion Field Only Works In Person

Apple’s big press conference is on now, and apparently Apple’s plan is to rag on other phone manufacturers and prove beyond a doubt that the hysterics surrounding the iPhone 4 antenna issue are being overblown.

According to Apple, only 0.55% of all iPhone 4 buyers called to talk to tech support about an antenna issue. The return rate for the iPhone 4 is lower than for the 3GS, which had zero known hardware issues. According to AT&T, the iPhone 4 drops only 1 more call per 100 calls than the 3GS.

Apple also took the opportunity to explain how every phone suffers from this issue, and demonstrated with the Blackberry bold and the HTC Droid Eris.

So what is the implication? That the media and blogger response to this issue is massively overestimated, and that this is an issue that affects all phones but that Apple is somehow being victimized here.

All in all, if the data is correct then this is an issue that affects a small minority of iPhone 4 users, and the news from Apple today is free cases or bumpers for all, and full refunds for anyone not entirely satisfied.

Is this enough? Will this issue be put to bed for good now?

Image: Macworld

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