Mattel Amps Up Its Psychic Toyline

Ty Dunitz January 10 Gadgets

In an age where the bulk of practicing geeks can remember a childhood full of He-Man action figures and other static toys, it’s mind-blowing (figuratively) to witness the dawn of an age where a child’s toy can be mind-blowing (literally).

A multiplayer extension of its 2009 offering, Mattel is gearing up to release a head-to-head version of its game Mindflex, dubbed Mindflex Duel. The object is to push a small ball along a path, through various obstacles – with nothing but your mind. Your opponent does the same, and the result is presumably a head-to-head tug-of-war (or push-of-war) to the finish.

You may be shrugging your shoulders, but consider how cool it will be when we see how vigilant YouTubers decide to hack this thing. It’s already been done with the original Mindflex (video below)… can you imagine this + a high voltage electric shock for the loser? Sounding a little more fun now, isn’t it?

Whether or not you plan to cause harm to your friends, Mindflex Duel’s out in August.

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Written by Ty Dunitz

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