Philips Introduces First Wireless HDMI Blu-ray Player

Philips wireless HDMI Blu-ray player image

Philips wireless HDMI Blu-ray player imageEverything seems to be going wireless, and that trend was obvious at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Philips unveiled what’s likely to become one of the hottest solutions for wireless entertainment, the world’s first wireless HDMI Blu-ray player.

The BDP7580 not only features wireless HDMI, but it boasts a host of streaming options such as Netflix, Blockbuster, FilmFresh and Pandora. Unlike other Blu-ray players, this device only needs a single cord, the power cord, which makes it perfect for those home theater minimalists.

“Consumers want to be able to stream content, including 3D movies, to their TV and now with this player they can cut the cord and stream wirelessly,” said Todd Richardson, senior vice president of sales and marketing for P&F, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for Philips televisions and home theater systems in the U.S. “Blu-ray is the choice for HD content and adding wireless HDMI frees the consumer from cumbersome cabling and unsightly wires on the wall .The Philips 7580 enabled with Philips MediaConnect and NetTV, gives the added value of being able to go online on your TV, regardless of the brand.”

Due out in April with a price tag of $499.99, the BDP7580 will undoubtedly spawn plenty of imitators. So, if the price seems a bit steep for a Blu-ray player, hold out for others to catch-up

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