American Airlines to stream video to personal devices

American Airlines

Just over a month ago, American Airlines said it was installing Wi-Fi to its entire domestic fleet. Now, they’re going to allow streaming video to be played on Wi-Fi-enabled personal devices such as smartphones and tablets.

While many airlines offer television channels and a selection of movies to be played on screens on the cabin ceiling or on the back of chairs, this new service will offer a wider variety of movies that travelers will be able to play on their own devices. No word yet on the cost, but it will likely be in line and in addition to the $8-$13 they charge currently for Wi-Fi.

“By expanding Wi-Fi to the remainder of American’s domestic fleet and adding movies and TV to the already powerful Internet, American and Aircell continue to transform the inflight experience,” said Ash ElDifrawi, Executive Vice President and CMO of Aircell, the company that will be providing the service.

Three antennae will be installed on the planes. If they pass the FAA safety tests, the service is expected to be available this fall.

Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Anonymous

    Wow no way dude that is just WAY too cool!

  • Anonymous

    Great news, hopefully more airlines will follow… however, if they really want to compete with JetBlue/Virgin in the customer experience category— offering free entertainment options through one’s own laptop/device via onboard wi-fi, as well as powerplugs at each seat (a la United P.S. flights) – that, would be a game changer for a legacy airline like AA.