Cute old couple learning to use a webcam show technology has no age restrictions

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JD Rucker September 17 Lifestyle

We’ve always known in the social media age that babies can be instant hits on YouTube. Now, thanks to Bruce and Esther Huffman from McMinnville, Oregon, we know that the other end of the age spectrum can be just as adorable.

While playing around with their new computer in their retirement community, the couple were trying to figure out how to do screen captures. They could see the video of themselves but did not realize until the end that they were recording it. Their granddaughter found and posted the video to YouTube with their blessing, ABC picked it up and made millions of people laugh.

The self-proclaimed “Happy Huffmans” have enjoyed the popularity they’re receiving from it, even the, as Esther put it, “more risque” moments in the video.

“You’re like me,” Bruce says at one point in the video. “You do more things by accident than most people do on purpose.”

How right he was. Here’s the original video and the ABC coverage below.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
Written by JD Rucker

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  • Just goes to show – the aging population is making an impact when it comes to technology!
    We have to start thinking about how we can make retirement homes more geared for high tech!

  • old kids
    they are really cute

  • OMG that is too funny.. Very sweet with each other

  • Anonymous

    the old couples are funny…
    they must be happy.