Samsung unveils the smartest window you've ever seen at CES

Samsung Smart Window

“Quite frankly, I feel like I’m in Minority Report and that’s really awesome,” said Ashley Esqueda from Mobile Nations.

If there was any doubt that technology was reaching a tipping point where things from our imaginations were becoming a reality, the Samsung “Transparent Smart Window” technology may be enough to squash it. The touchscreen aperture designed for use in the kitchen and other rooms where we spend time in front of a window gives you Twitter, virtual blinds, weather reports, and likely many other things that people will find useful (in a novelty sort of fashion, of course).

Take a look at the video and keep in mind that this isn’t something that you have to wait a long time before seeing. Samsung says they are going into mass production and will be available for purchase this year.

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Written by Connor Livingston

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