Do you have Technophobia?

Do you have Technophobia

Most of us are known to have Technophilia, a person who is enthusiastic about technology, but did you know there are people who have a phobia of technology?

Known as Technophobia; a phobia that causes people to have irrational fear of technological devices, mainly computers. Though most are illogical, some people with the fear have anxiety that is associated with the advancements that come with complicated devices therefore instilling the fear.

Some who suffer from Technophobia will create communities that remain modest and simple that steer clear of the modern day developments, in the year 2000, a study showed that nearly 90% of people who were starting a new job were somewhat consider technophobe’s.

12 years later and we can see how much we have expanded in innovations in amongst the technology field, we can imagine this number has either gained in numbers or perhaps people have merely overcome their fear. Either way, there are groups that protest against technology or many people remain to fear what many of us could not live without, let alone fear it.

In today’s world, fearing technology would be debilitating since nearly every job depends on it, it has become a high-form of our entertainment and even introduced at an early age within our education systems.

So do Technophobe’s still exist? And is it a condition that preludes the dawn of only those who knew life during simpler times or since its beginnings of the Industrial Revolution passed down onto the children of the future and since now we introduce technologies in various forms to children of today, do you think that perhaps this fear could be eradicated?

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Written by Erin Ryan

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