Simplify testing your prototypes unlike ever before

Simplify testing your prototypes unlike ever before

Your concepts are invaluable and need to not only go from idea but to prototype to make them realistic, however it can be a difficult process to test early concept ideas without knowing which tools can help you to not only validate but gain user feedback.

There is a new app that allows you to test changes to your websites interface with simplified prototypes without having to invest in any further developments for it to be tested.

The new app that allows you to also validate interactions is known as Solidify and is available today.

Brand new and out of the Internet box, it is ready for you to test your prototype with users, gain feedback about what they thought and what worked for them.

Your testing will also enable key data that is collected when a user is testing which can be done using Solidify in-person or remotely, depending on how you want to present your prototype.

You can choose from clickable prototypes using sketches, wire frames or mock-ups and learn about your interface like never before. Startups, Entrepreneurs and Techi’s around the world need to get their innovations out faster than ever before to not only keep up with the times but for their ideas to not get lost within the shuffle of the tech wave.

Testing Prototypes across various devices with Solidify

Solidify will simplify the process and make your life easier to eliminating excessive time on creating focus groups, it will remove the length in which your idea gets in the hands of a user for testing and zap the confusion that often comes with making important changes to your interface to ensure that you are going to gain valuable knowledge back to create the best quality, user friendly website as you can.

Go from a concept to having solid proof by putting your ideas into action sooner, with Solidify.

Written by Scarlett Madison

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