A USB stick that is more than meets the eye

Transformer USB Flash Memory Drive
Rocco Penn November 9 Gadgets

Storage is a necessity as we have become more reliant on our computers to hold too much information and now we require a backup method for the saved information that is of value to us. Or we need to relocate data from one computer to another. There are literally a ton of various USB drives/sticks out there, but this is one that will grab the attention of any 80’s kid or geekster like me.

The Transformer USB Flash Memory Drive comes in various sizes for storage from 4GB-8GB you can transfer your data onto your Transformer. Who doesn’t want their own personal Transformer to work for them? Once you receive this 2-in-1 awesome gadget you will see it as a USB stick, but as you move the pieces you will see the USB stick transform into a Transformer.

Check out what one looks like in the following video, cool huh? It is more than meets the eye.

YouTube Preview Image
Written by Rocco Penn

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