Is the PlayStation 4 coming February 20th?

Playstation 4
Rocco Penn February 1 Gaming

Sony started teasing a big event that they’ll be hosting on February 20th. Much of the blogosphere is buzzing that it may be the announcement of the PlayStation 4. If so, this could be the move that Sony has needed to make for a while.

It isn’t that the old platform is outdated. At just over 6 years old, the PlayStation 3 is still technically the state of the art when it comes to pure console play. The Nintendo and Microsoft counterparts have had their share of interesting developments such as the Wii U and Kinect, but neither has been enough to really distance themselves from the competition. Sony has been doing just fine in sales. That’s just not good enough in a market that they could have dominated had they come out with the PS3 a year earlier to take on the Xbox 360 head to head.

This would mark an entry into the next generation of consoles that beats Microsoft and Nintendo to the punch. If this is indeed the announcement that everyone hopes it is, the pressure will be on the competition to get their own next generation consoles out within a year, as that seems to be the window of opportunity.

Here’s their teaser Tweet as well as the video it links to.

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