Life like robotic doll invented to study child development

Life like robotic doll invented to study child development

Researchers are looking to make ground-breaking discoveries in learning child development during the early stages of life and to do so they have invented Diego-san, a robotic 1 year-old that learns how to control his body and communicate non-verbally with others. Its inventors, Javier Movellan, a research scientist, and his team at the Machine Perception Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego, have teamed up with Japanese robotics manufacturer Kokoro Company.

Currently Movellan and his team are developing software for the robotic like-like child to be able to learn body control and have the ability to interact with people. The project could be life changing in the computational study of infant development and might even offer new insight in the study of autism and William’s syndrome.

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[Source: sciencedaily]

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