Android: on the rise

Android Eating Apple

Android Eating Apple

Move over Apple!  Android shifted into gear in 2012, providing 93.8 million phones with their operating system.  From the first to the fourth quarter, Android phone sales shifted from 59% of the market to 70%.  So what happened between then and now to spur such a big shift? In February of 2012, Chrome browser for Android was released followed by Google Play in March.  Then in April, Kindle Fire took over more than half of the Android tablet market and in July Android 4.1 was released.

By October, Google became more valuable than Microsoft for the first time, as Google Play reached a daily revenue of $3.5 million (a 43% growth in four months). In time for the holidays, apps increased in November and December, with 100 thousand new apps added to the Google Play store in the last quarter, equalling 800 thousand by the end of December, a collection equal to those apps available in the Apple Store.

StartApp has grown in 2012 right along with popular Android system.  StartApp enjoyed a 3,700% grown in devs, with 20% of Android devices having downloaded StarApp by the end of December 2012.

Check out the infographic below presented by Startapp to learn more about Android’s success in 2012.

Startapp 2012

By Brian Wallace

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