In case you ever need a car that can do a backflip, MINI has one for you

MINI Blackflip

The lengths to which automobile manufacturers will go to demonstrate that their vehicles are more technologically advanced in some way are astounding. Take MINI for instance as they claim to have put out the first ever “car doing a backflip” video.

It’s really more a testament to the ability of engineers to create the right circumstances to make it happen rather than anything the car itself can do. Having the right ramp height and angle, knowing the exact speed that the driver needs to be going when he hits the ramp, putting together the snow ramp that acted as a landing strip – it’s not easy but if they could figure out how to land on the moon a few decades ago, landing a MINI backflip shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Nonetheless, it makes for a pretty nifty video. You’ll notice when the car first takes off it looks like it’s veering to the side a bit. Had the result been a crash rather than a successful jump, we probably wouldn’t be seeing the video on YouTube, at least not on the official MINI YouTube channel. Be sure to watch it all the way through as they put the full speed jump at the end after the credits.

YouTube Preview Image
Written by Sal McCloskey

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