Mother knows best: how mommy blogs can change the lives of the parentless


What would you say if I told you that the tools you need to accomplish everything you need professionally and practically are at your fingertips in a one-stop-shop on the Internet? It’s true. And you’ll find tons of useful help and organizational guides to accomplish everything you need in a place you may have never thought to look: Mommy blogs.

I’m not a mother. But knowing my own mother and watching my sister with my niece and nephew, I’m well aware that there’s no determination comparable to a woman that needs to get something done for their family.

I have much less to juggle than the majority of mothers out there. Balancing class, work, and school is a party trick compared to juggling work, children, school supply lists, grocery shopping, household budgets, and housekeeping. And yet I struggle with my schedule and the mounting things I have to get done on any given day. Traditionally, I look to other women in my life when I need helpful hints on how to keep everything running smoothly and that’s what made me realize: Mommy blogs are not just for mothers.

Goal tracking, to-do lists, prioritizing, fitness plans, weekly schedules – who doesn’t need the best way to keep track of all of these things, but how often do we walk into OfficeMax and find a planner that’s large enough to accommodate the daunting amount of things we take on – professionally and personally?

Cue Mommy bloggers and their fantastic selection of free printables.

Sure, they’re often labeled as being for “family binders” for the capable mother. And yes, there are countless templates for all of your to-do’s. But as an organization junkie, I’ve yet to find anything as fully functional, versatile, practical, and completely color coordinated as the tools made available to me by these fantastic Wonder Women.

And that’s not all their blogs provide. Simple and affordable meals to feed a family can also feed a dorm room. Helpful hints for organization can help those that need a little more calm in their chaotic lives. Useful and unique ways to manage finances are useful for any individual – not just a mother. Easy at home fitness plans, food journals, and menu templates are useful for any aspiring foodie and healthy minded individual. All of these things can be found on Mommy blogs.

Since adding a host of Mommy blogs to my repertoire of social media and professional blogs, my daily tasks have been streamlined and my normally organized day is now micromanaged to the point that I can also take time to breathe now and then.

So, my advice to you – whether you are a college student struggling with time management, a busy person who thinks that they don’t have time to fit in a thirty minute workout, a homeowner who need some help with budgeting and organization, or a budding social media mogul who’s trying to lay out their personal and professional goals to help reach their aspirations – try browsing around a Mommy blog.

They’re not just for mothers, because mothers are so much more than caregivers.

They’ll have you balancing out your life in nearly any area you could need assistance.

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Written by Amanda Rush

Amanda Rush is a freelance writer, blogger, and content specialist. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree at Creative Writing with a minor in Marketing Management. Follow Amanda on twitter: @msamandarush or visit her website:

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  • Sandy Appleyard

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how much it means to read a post giving a shout out to hard working moms. Try being a mom and a writer! Now that throws a wrench in the mix! I’m also living on one income…now that’s tough too. I’ve been wanting to write a blog about how I do it, as some of my followers have asked me, but I wasn’t sure if I should or not. I think after reading your post, I have a green light 🙂