Twitter adds lolcatz to language options, somehow fails to be clever with it

Lolcatz Twitter

It should have been one of the easiest Easter eggs in the world to pull off for a progressive social company like Twitter, but their lolcatz language option turned out to be a feeble attempt at being fun and clever.

A user can go to their language settings or simple go to From there, a few mild attempts at using the worst language ever created barely scratches the cleverness threshold. “VIEW MAH PROFILE PUJ”, “VIEW FOTO”, and “EXPAN KTHX” are some of the changes made to the interface. Otherwise, it’s mostly about using all caps and eliminating some vowels.

Not much of an effort. Google would be very disappointed after their epic Easter eggs over the years.

The worst one is repeated over and over again with the lolcatz language UI: “KTHXBYE!” It’s supposed to be “KTHXBAI”. Clever is in the details. Twitter didn’t put much effort into it.

Written by Scarlett Madison

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