The current (and future) status of driverless cars

Volkswagen Driverless Car

We’ve seen them in movies for half a century. The concept cars have been popping up for decades. Some of you might have even seen a driverless car on the road. When are they going to become mainstream?

To understand the future, it’s important to understand the past. The technology is finally reaching a tipping point to where it’s conceivable in the near future to see these on the road on a regular basis. Will they be more popular than many expect? Could we see them populating the streets more than manually driven cars before the end of the decade? Perhaps.

His infographic by Money Supermarket takes a long, hard look at the history that brought us to where we are today as well as a future that is culminating in a race between the major car manufacturers plus Google. Who will win? As long as the people win from it, the manufacturer really doesn’t matter, right?

Here’s the graphic:

Driverless Car Infographic
Written by Michio Hasai

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