The Elder Scrolls Online reportedly cost over $200 million to develop

The Elder Scrolls Online will be released for the PC and Mac in April and for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 later in June, but profitable will it be? According to a recent leak, the new MMO cost over $200 million to make, putting it behind only Star Wars: The Old Republic and Grand Theft Auto V in terms of cost. 

Bethesda and ZeniMax Online will be releasing The Elder Scrolls Online later this year. The game will be arriving in April for the PC and Mac, and will be making its way onto consoles like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 later in June. In the meantime we’re sure some gamers are wondering just how much money does it take to create an MMORPG such as The Elder Scrolls Online? Well if you were curious and wanted a bit of trivia, how does $200 million sound to you? That’s the figure that was recently tweeted by Superannuation, a person who has in the past been pretty accurate with their leaks and information. Unfortunately the tweet has since been deleted and we’re not sure why. Could it be that it was accurate and that the studios did not want the figure to be disclosed, or could it be that Superannuation got it wrong and removed it?

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