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Hulu Improves Its Website But Continues With Flash

key art hulu

key art hulu

Hulu, unfortunately, will not be offering an HTML5 player. Instead the website, offering commercial-supported streaming video, has decided to stick with the current Flash players… at least for the time being.

Although the website promises to monitor the progress of developments made on HTML5, it’s VP says “as of now it doesn’t meet all of our customer’s needs.”

This news has killed the rumor that the company was working on a site that would utilize HTML5 instead of Flash. This rumor comes from a report last August that claimed Hulu was only months away from developing a TV show watching application for the iPhone. Since then, there has been trouble between Adobe and Apple over the inclusion of Flash on the iPhone and iPad, and this news of Hulu not changing over from Flash means we’ll have to wait to watch our favorite shows on the go.

Despite all that is not changing, Hulu has actually made quite a few improvements to the website. Some major changes have been made to the player, most noticeably it is 25 percent bigger. The player also now features adaptive bitrate streaming technology, which changed the quality of the feed based on the connection speed of the user.

Other changes on the site include the addition of thumbnail previews where by hovering the mouse over a particular thumbnail a viewer will get a sneak peek of the most popular parts.

All features are now live on Hulu for your viewing pleasure.

Source: CNET News

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