Misinterpreting emails will be a thing of the past thanks to IBM


Easily one of the biggest weaknesses of written messages is that, without hearing the tone that someone would use were they speaking the message to you, it can be pretty easy to misinterpret what someone is saying. That’s where IBM thinks it artificial intelligence, Watson, can be of assistance, as the computer is now capable of using cloud-based linguistic analysis to determine a message’s tone. 

We’ve all written emails, texts and blog posts we regret. We thought they would be interpreted one way, but instead they sparked fights. New test-interpreting artificial intelligence technology from IBM Watson could help protect you from yourself. IBM introduced instant Tone Analyzer this week, which uses cloud-based linguistic analysis to tell if that email, blog post or text message is really as angry, assertive, happy or sad as you intended. The super computer has come a long way since beating a human at Jeopardy! It’s now behind a vast array of cloud-based services and APIs that businesses can use to drive everything from computer-generated recipes to robotic interactions. This new experimental feature, though less tasty than cognitive coooking, could someday change the way businesses and marketers interact with customers and clients.

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