Jet is giving Amazon a run for its money by helping you save yours

Shares has been promising to become Amazon’s biggest rival for a while now, and now that the website has finally launched, we can see whether or not it’ll be able to deliver on that promise. Obviously the price of the items on the site will be one of the biggest factors in deciding whether or not Jet is successful and in order to compete with Amazon the company has guaranteed that it’ll offer the lowest online price for several million items, all you need to do is visit the site. 

For years, online shoppers have used a number of tools to help them find the best deals, ranging from web browser add-ons that check for available coupon codes to standalone price comparison services. A new website called, launching today, is offering another option for price-sensitive shoppers: simply visit its site and it will guarantee the lowest prices across some 10 million items. Once there, the site also offers a variety of tricks shoppers can use to save even more, including filtering by “smart” (read: cheaper) items, opting for a different form of payment for extra savings, or even agreeing not to return an item in exchange for a discount. While consumers might not fully understand why these tricks work, the hope is that they’ll be lured in by the potential savings. In fact, specifically targeting the budget shopper is how aims to scale its business in the shadow of, eBay and other online marketplaces which are today shopped more for the convenience of buying online and the accompanying fast ship times, but are now understood to not always feature the lowest prices.

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