Rogue planet discovered 100 light years away


Rogue Planet

There are certain scientific discoveries that help. Others simply intrigue. Every now and then something comes up that makes you wonder why we never knew it before. Such is the case with the recent discovery of a possible “rogue planet” a mere 100 light years away.

A rogue planet is one that has no star. It’s orbit or trajectory are determined by other galactic forces as compared to the known planets in our solar system as well as other space objects that are primarily influenced by a single star. What makes this so strange as well as concerning is the thought, as pointed out in the video below, that there may be many, many more that we have no idea about. If we can’t see random planets floating around, how will we ever see other celestial bodies, particularly any that could be heading towards the earth?

Food for thought. Here’s the video:

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