SIM Hacking Just Became a Simple Household Task

You’ve got really big hands, dude. Seriously, they’re huge. I wouldn’t trust those with delicate operations, if I were you. I heard you wanted to use your iPad 3G on your carrier, but they don’t provide MicroSIM. Did you honestly think you were going to cut up that SIM card by yourself? Look at those sausage fingers. You’re no John Benson. Don’t even try this.

Here, let me help you out. Check this bizness. This is Cut My SIM, and as the name implies, it cuts your SIM down to Micro-size with a single tap. No mess, and it even comes with a means of restoring your card to regular size in the event you no longer want you iPad to be useful. Bada-bing. Simple, right?

Yeah, it doesn’t ship for another month. But at 29 bucks, you can wait another month to grope your iPad every minute of your life, right? You’ll have the rest of your life! Seriously, put down the scissors, man. You’re not doing this by yourself. Go pre-order one of these things and save yourself some tears.

[Cut My Sim, via Ubergizmo]

By tydunitz

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