Hanvon Slate Vs. iPad Video


Since Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer’s announced that their ipad killer would in fact be tablet computers running the Windows OS, the same approach they’ve been failing at for nearly ten years, we’ve been watching closely for comparisons between iPads and tablet PCs.

Of course, it’s a tricky task, because every time Ballmer stands up and announces a tablet device running Windows, the damn things get canceled.

Well, here’s a video comparing a tablet that snuck out to market with an iPad.

Considering the nature of the Apple Vs. PC debate, and the fact that, well, this is the internet, the video is surprisingly unbiased, although since it’s still YouTube the commenters supply the bias, vulgarity and immaturity in spades.

Ultimately, what I’m taking away from the video is that both devices handle tasks competently, with the Hanvon Slate offering users full OS access and the iPad aiming towards a more slick, refined experience.

DOubt creeps in when you find out the Hanvon’s price tag though. At nearly $900 (in China) is this a viable product with a huge market waiting for it in North America?

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