My faith in the US education system has been restored

Education System

Education System

Blogging can be rough (from a #firstworldproblems perspective, at least). You’re constantly being attacked for your opinions, bashed for your mistakes, and ridiculed for your presence as one of the biggest failures on the internet. I deal with it every day. Sometimes, it’s hard to muster the gumption to put words on the screen.

As a parent, the education system in America has also been a source of angst. The list of problems with schools, parents, and the students themselves often makes me want to be a homeschooler. It makes it more difficult knowing that the internet offers so much potential as a true educational aid but that it’s often squandered because of all the “cool and fun stuff” available to us and our children.

Then, I get an email like the one above and my faith in both blogging and the United States education system gets restored. No need for commentary here. I’ll let the letter speak for itself.

I now have my official “favorite reader” on Techi. Thank you, and I hope your project is spectacular. Just remember, it’s Joe Hallock who did the original study.

By JD Rucker

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