Are we ready for enterprise tablets?

Enterprise Tablets

Small kids can use them just fine. They are more portable than a laptop, more powerful than a smartphone, and perform nearly every duty that a business person needs (especially when an external keyboard is added, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a tablet, but that’s another debate).

Why, then, are more corporations and large businesses not adopting tablets as their primary method of mobile productivity? Why do so many continue to push clunky laptops onto their employees?

The answers are numerous. Some companies simply do not trust the cloud, yet. Some still require access to programs that are either unavailable or more difficult to use on tablets. Some don’t want to spend the money just yet to replace or add to their current laptop expenses.

This infographic breaks down the pros (without many cons) associated with tablets on the enterprise. Click to enlarge.

From: San Francisco Toyota Via: Vertic

By JD Rucker

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