Should Betaworks reinvent Digg altogether?

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Put aside that the site was sold for a tiny amount relative to where it was a couple of years ago. Forget the fact that it still gets strong traffic and sends a decent number of visitors to various websites across the internet. Lastly, pretend like there’s no shame in being on top of the social news world at one point.

Moving forward, is it better for Betaworks to take what they’ve done so far with and other technologies and rebuild Digg as an advanced version of what it once was, or should they scrap the concept that Digg has focused on over the years and take the site in a completely different direction? We will find out on August 1.

The only thing we know with near-certainty is that General Manager Jake Levine is not going to make small changes.

“This level of dissatisfaction does not call for incremental improvement,” Levine said. “The problem we are trying to solve with v1 — how can we deliver the best of what the Internet is talking about right now? — calls for something else.”

What are your thoughts? Is Digg worth salvaging? With 92% of users unhappy with the site, would it be better to take Digg in a completely different direction?

Written by Connor Livingston

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