US states that are embracing solar energy the most

Solar States

If cost weren’t an issue, would you rely on solar power? For most who don’t live in Seattle, the answer would be yes. Between the environmental benefits, the social credibility, and the grid-free style of living that solar power allows people, it often just comes down to cost as the primary reason that solar isn’t as big in the United States as it is in other countries like Germany.

The infographic below goes into great detail about the top solar states in the country. By “great” detail, I mean that as a fan of infographics, it’s enlightening to see one that focuses on a series of useful data sets without trying to get too ambitious with graphic ingenuity or statistical overload. Just the facts, ma’am.

Here’s a breakdown of the top states per capita. Though California is by far the most solar state in volume – if it were a country it would be #7 worldwide – it’s only six when dividing the solar watts per person.

  1. Arizona – 167
  2. Nevada – 146
  3. Hawaii – 137
  4. New Jersey – 110
  5. New Mexico – 91
  6. California – 76
  7. Colorado – 52
  8. Delaware – 48
  9. Vermont – 34
  10. Massachusetts – 30

Now, here’s the complete infographic by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Top Solar States
Written by Scarlett Madison

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