Nvidia Tech Will Let You Watch Avatar in 3-D At Home. Um, Yay?

Didn’t we all just buy HDTV’s? Wasn’t HD supposed to be the next holy grail, and after we’d all plonked down our cash, we wouldn’t have to worry about new technology coming along for years?

Nope. Partly thanks to Avatar, manufacturers are pushing 3-D in a big way, and those who want to stay on the cutting edge will have to invest in another massive set to hang on the wall.

But computer graphics company Nvidia are looking to make a bit easier to adopt 3-D by allowing you to use the video card you already own to display 3-D movie.

The new product is called 3DTV Play, and is a software solution that allows for any recent Nvidia display adapter to show 3-D.

Of course, this won’t work with a regular TV. You still need one of those fancy new 3-D TVs. But rather than going out and having to buy a new 3-D ready Blu-Ray player or Sony Playstation 3, you can use the existing tech in your PC to watch 3-D movies in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, whether you’ll want to watch Pocahonta– um, I mean, Avatar is an entirely different question. Thankfully, the set-up allows you to see digital 3-D photographs and play games in three dimensions too.

[via: High Def Digest]

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