Adobe CS5 Alive!

Smack bang in the middle of the controversy created by Apple’s change to their iPhone OS SDK agreement, Adobe announces their Creative Suite 5 software. No doubt with a hefty price tag, CS5 aims to widen Adobe’s involvement in your workflow, in part thanks to their purchase of Omniture, which provides content measurement and optimization services.

The video, available on Adobe’s CS5 launch site, shows many new features including more on the new magical Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop, an overhaul of the text rendering engine in Flash and perspective control in Illustrator.

There is always a level of concern with large product releases that there will be lots of filler without much punch due to businesses needing to justify their ongoing business models, and it remains to be seen whether CS5 will be the ‘groundbreaking’ product Adobe says it is or just a bunch of fixes and patches with a few new tricks.

Mac power users at least should see some improvement due to CS5 being entirely 64bit at last, having been re-written in Cocoa.

Later today we’ll be posting a roundup of the new features of Adobe CS5, but until then has a per-product breakdown of what’s new.

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