Kevin Rose Breaks Out a Shovel, Dishes Some Dirt on the New Digg

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I was sorta worried abut the ‘New Digg’ that’s been in the works for the last little while – with founder Kevin Rose touting a more social experience being brought to the Diggosphere, I was worried he might pull a Facebook and just attempt to emulate Twitter. By the looks of this video, he has done exactly that. However, he actually makes it seem like a smart idea.

The new Digg offers content aggregation on two levels – the first in a standard-issue Twitter-esque ‘friends and followers’ model, and, for the heavier stuff, the traditional Digg Top News.

I gotta hand it to Kevin; this is not a bad idea. I personally don’t spend much time on Digg per day, and that’s largely due to Digg’s impersonal-by-design design. A social experience might be just what Digg needs to give it a fresh face in the eyes of people like me.

Then again, Kevin’d best be careful not to become a redundancy – while giving us what basically amounts to Facebook without the crap miscellaneous status updates… sometimes a healthy does of crap miscellaneous status updates is just what we need.

On the other hand, we’re all looking for excuses not to use Facebook anyway.

[Via GigaOM]

Written by Ty Dunitz

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