You're Safe! New USB device scans files for virus' before landing on your drive.

Getting a virus on your computer can ruin your day, week and possibly make you spiral down like this guy.

It’s a threat that will always be there and as new virus’ are created, so are new anti-virus technologies.

The USB flash drive is becoming a more common way to transfer files and the virus problem can still exist as you drag and drop files on to your drive.

Designer, Wu Jiang, has hopefully found a solution to this problem with this innovative and futuristic looking USB Device. The U+ has a built in virus scanner that will catch a corrupt file before it hits your flash drive.

The “X” shaped design resembles a cross and I guess is to fight off evil virus vampires?

It seems as tho you can attach two USB drives at the same time. Soon our laptops will look like crazy robots with all these attachments we have hooked up.

I wonder if they will release a Firewire version of this device for all us lazy people out there who need that extra second of transfer speed.

Note the amazing translation to English.

Source: Yanko Design

Written by Jay Perry

Photographer and video game junkie from Canada. Follow me on twitter @jayperryMVM

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