Everything you needed to know about firewalls

JD Rucker November 12 Lifestyle

The term “firewall” has one that most people know but few understand. It’s often confused with anti-virus software because of the similarities of purpose, but it has a completely different use on your computer.

This infographic by ZoneAlarm breaks it down nicely for us (while throwing in a quick pitch about their product). Knowing what they do and why they’re important can help you understand how to better protect your computer from the more nefarious types on the internet.

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Written by JD Rucker

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  • Anonymous

    Firewalls really are just cool like that, no doubt man.

  • Typical promotion to get your computer loaded up with unnecessary software.

  • This is sound very useful information because Firewall is an important thing for our PC and it’s security. It is good to get info about Firewall configuration.

  • firewall is very important and useful for us.
    it would help us keep our pc safe