Glasshouse terrarium hanging pendant lamp

Glasshouse terrarium hanging pendant lamp

Bringing plants inside is ultra-cool and even more so as terrarium’s become trendier to encase your chosen plants and herbs. A smart way of saving space while living in the city is to find a terrarium that serves a dual purpose. A nifty designer, Kristýna Pojerová has invented one that is not only creative but super useful.

A pendant lamp that hangs within your kitchen known as Glasshouse is a terrarium fit for an herbal king or queen as it acts as a light source and green house for your herbs. The shape of the glass was inspired by the way plants grow and its centered opening allows you to simply reach up and extract the herb while you are cooking your most desirable meals. The hole is also a form of ventilation to allow the light of the lamp through and the air to get to the herbs to help them flourish and grow in a natural micro-climate in your kitchen.

Terrarium hanging pendant lamp

By Scarlett Madison

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