The pillow that sings you to sleep

The Sound Asleep Pillow
Amanda Ryan November 29 Gadgets

There really is nothing like curling up in a nice warm, comfortable bed. However, there are nights when falling to sleep takes longer than you like, no matter what you try. The sound of your alarm clock always seems louder than usual, reminding you with every tick how much closer it is to the time you must wake up and with every toss and turn the frustration grows, making it even more difficult to drift off into dreamland. If counting sheep and warm milk no longer works to help you have a goodnight sleep, a singing pillow may just be the item that will do the trick.

The Sound Asleep Pillow has a built-in speaker that is buried deep inside the hollow fibre or memory foam pillow (depending on the one you choose). You can choose to connect your iPod, mp3 player, or radio to the headset jack on the pillow and enjoy listening to your favorite music while snuggled up in your cozy bed. The music can only be heard by the person who sleeps on the pillow, which will prevent waking anybody else up.

Now, you can enjoy going to bed once again with the pillow that will sing you your favorite songs while you dream.

Written by Amanda Ryan

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