Facebook stories

Facebook Shruggingly Admits it's a Tool for Propagandists
Facebook Announces Plan to Fight Misinformation Campaigns
Instagram will Be Facebook's Fourth Billion-User Platform
Alphabet and Facebook Have to Be Regulated or They'll 'Crush' Small Players like Snap, Says Author
Why Facebook Continues to Conquer all
Facebook M is Now Becoming a Digital Butler
AR Glasses will Replace Smartphones in 5 Years: Facebook Exec
Developers See Endless Possibilities and Pitfalls with Social VR After Testing Facebook Spaces
Forget Speech-To-Text: Facebook Inc Wants to Read your Mind
Facebook Brain Interface is the Creepiest Way to Slide into your Mental DMs
'Not a Random Idea Factory'
What Facebook's Bet on Augmented Reality Means for your Phone
Facebook Wants People to Type from their Brain and Hear with Skin
Facebook Unveils Updated Surround 360 Cameras
Are You Ready to Trust Facebook with your Brain?
What We Know
Facebook Plans Ethics Board to Monitor its Brain-computer Interface Work
Facebook is Building a Brain-computer Interface
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