Facebook stories

Facebook's New Tool Reveals any Fake Russian Accounts You Followed
Check Now to See if You Liked any Russian Troll Accounts on Facebook
Facebook is Dropping its Fake News Red Flag Warning After Finding it Had the Opposite Effect
Facebook Ditches 'Disputed' News Tag After it Totally Backfired
Facebook Modifies the Way it Alerts Users to Fake News
Facebook has Taken its First Real Steps into the Music Business
Facebook's New Facial Recognition Feature is Unnerving Privacy Experts (and Maybe You Too)
Facebook Fail: Social Network Scraps 'Disputed' Flags on 'Fake News'
Facebook Job Ads are Being Used to Filter Out Older Applicants
Facebook Introduces New Facial Recognition, Privacy Features
Facebook AI Helps the Blind 'See' Images
Facebook is Also Helping Employers Keep Job Ads Away from Older People
Facebook Found a Better Way to Fight Fake News
Facebook Dumps 'Disputed Flags' on Fake News for Context
In 2017, Key Facebook Builders Disowned their Creation
Facebook Uses Facial Recognition to Help You Manage your Identity
Facebook has New Tools to Prevent Unwanted Friend Requests and Messages
What Happens When Facebook Doesn't Tell You a Friend has Died?
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